Why Are Boxing Shorts So High?

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Have you ever wondered why the waist of boxer shorts is so high? Why can’t they be low, like traditional fighting shorts, around your hips? Many newcomers struggle with this dilemma, but fortunately for you, we have the solution! So why do boxing shorts have such a high waist?

Boxing shorts have a high waist to mentally restrict the target region of the opponent. This is so that boxers do not engage in prohibited below-the-belt contact. It’s challenging for your opponent to discover legitimate targets while you’re wearing high shorts.

Learn everything there is to know about boxing shorts, including how to wear them.

One of the most common complaints about wearing boxing shorts is that the waistband is too tight. There are a few reasons for this, but the most common one is that you’re either wearing your training belt too high or you’ve got it on backward. The easy solution? Just make sure to wear your belt at the natural waistline, and then put it on the right side out with the wide end in.


How Do You Wear Boxing Shorts?

Make sure the boxer shorts’ waistline is snug. Why? Well, the more secure and shielded you are the tighter it is. The waistband’s likelihood of slipping down or, worse yet, coming off completely during combat increases if it isn’t properly fitted to your body.

Additionally, check that the shorts’ leg openings are snug enough to fit over your thighs but not too snug. Why? It’s crucial to have enough space during a fight so that you can bend and move about without restriction. You want to be able to move more easily and comfortably while wearing them. Use shorts that are lightweight and have side holes.


What Do You Wear Underneath Boxing Shorts?

You can and should wear the following items under boxing shorts:

  • Groin protection
  • Compression shorts

To shield themselves from low strikes, the majority of boxers use groin protection. Even while boxing does not allow low punches, it is still a good idea to safeguard oneself from mishaps! Injury to the groin can result in serious long-term health issues, including infertility. We’re confident that a little discomfort now is worth avoiding pain from an accident later in life.

There will inevitably be unintentional groin punches in both practice and live competition. If you are not wearing protection, you do not want to take a blow to the groin. The result could be terrible pain, or even worse, you could continue to be sterile.

Under their boxing shorts, boxers occasionally don compression shorts. Your muscles receive more blood and oxygen thanks to compression shorts. This may improve performance and lessen muscular soreness.

Ever ponder why boxer’s shorts are so enormous and baggy? When you discover the solutions to this query, they will appear to be quite straightforward.


Why Do Boxers Wear Baggy Shorts?

Ever wonder why boxers’ shorts are so enormous and baggy? When you discover the solutions to this query, they will appear to be quite straightforward.

To increase air circulation around their legs, boxers frequently wear large, baggy shorts. Boxing is a physically demanding sport that calls for a great deal of intricate but exhausting footwork. It makes no sense to wear tighter shorts or pants for boxers because they don’t use their legs to strike their opponents like MMA does, making it harder for them to lift their legs. Instead, they should wear baggy shorts because they will not only provide their legs room to breathe in a crowded arena, but they will also improve blood circulation in their legs.

Second, it’s crucial to have space for air circulation because boxing is a high-intensity activity that frequently causes sweating. This makes it easier for heat from your body to leave during vigorous exercise so that you don’t get too hot.

In addition, you need to wear baggy shorts to allow room for your groin protection. We discussed why it is bad for you to wear tight, teeny-tiny shorts since you won’t be able to put on protection. Another justification is to purchase baggy shorts for boxing.

Lastly, boxing shorts are roomy for one more reason: to provide sponsors space to advertise. Businesses will spend cash to have their name or logo displayed on a boxer’s shorts. Both the combatant and the promoters profit from this.



Wear your shorts that high if you want to. It can deceive your adversary into not throwing low blows.

Just be careful not to raise it too much. Your performance may suffer as a result of poor movement, and you can even look strange. You’ll feel so constricted that you won’t be able to regularly move your waist. Just enough to fool your opponent, keep it high.

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