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Have you ever been unsure of the meaning of the term “slap boxing”? It’s not just you! Although slap boxing is not a recognized sport, its popularity has grown recently.

A physical sport called slap boxing resembles boxing but doesn’t include full contact. Slap boxing, in contrast to traditional boxing, entails striking your opponent with an open palm rather than a closed fist. Gloves are not worn, and headgear is not typically used.

To find out more about slap boxing and its alternatives, keep reading!


Definition Of Slap Boxing

Slap boxing is a type of boxing where participants use open palms rather than fists to strike one another. Although not a recognized sport, it has grown in popularity as a form of exercise recently.

Some amateur boxers are less able to fight competitively because they don’t have the tools that professional fighters do. These weapons make them safer while they’re competing in a less intense form of boxing or sparring.

Although it is often practiced as a fighting exercise, it can also be played as a game between friends.

There aren’t any set laws or guidelines. The rules of the game are up to the players to decide. However, the need that hits be delivered with open hands remains constant.


Benefits Of Slap Boxing:


  • Enhances Fitness

Slap boxing is a useful exercise to enhance your fitness. It’s less severe than traditional boxing because you’re only using your palm to strike. This makes it simpler to maintain motion and allows for longer periods of time.

  • Enhances Hand-Eye Coordination

Instead of using a closed fist to strike in slap boxing, you must strike with the palm of your hand. This lowers the possibility of damage, but it also means that competitors must have excellent hand-eye synchronization to hit their opponent.

  • Enhances Reflexes

Slap boxing demands a quick reaction and anticipation of your opponent’s moves. It requires you to be aware of the space around your hands because you must slap them with an open palm!


Is Slap Boxing Dangerous?

Slap Boxing is a form of boxing that doesn’t use gloves. Unintentional finger pokes to the eyes are the one thing you should be most cautious with. Because of this, it’s crucial to exercise considerable caution. If this makes you nervous, you could attempt “tag boxing,” in which you try to tag your opponent’s thigh. There are several misconceptions about the sport, however, it is a competitive sport that requires strategy and self-control.


Is Slap Boxing A Real Sport?

Slap boxing is not considered a real sport. The sport of boxing is only practiced professionally, which means that it has no amateur competitions. It is practiced in gyms, but not in an organized or competitive way like other sports.

It allows you to spar with an opponent without striking them with a clenched fist, which could hurt and leave them with serious bruising.

You can still work on your distance-changing footwork and bobbing and weaving maneuvers when attempting to avoid getting struck.


What Are Slap Boxing Alternatives?

  • Shadow boxing

Shadow boxing is one option to slap boxing. Shadow boxing is an alternative kind of boxing training in which the practitioner pretends to be engaged in combat with a fictitious foe.

The movements you would do if an actual opponent were in front of you should be in the back of your mind when shadow boxing. To keep track of your movements, utilize a mirror or a camera.

Your physical prowess and mental concentration can both be enhanced through shadow boxing. For those who are new to the sport and are still learning the fundamentals, it might be extremely helpful.


  • Light sparring

Light sparring is another option. The purpose of light sparring, like shadow boxing, is to get you ready for real boxing contests.

Wear safety gear to keep oneself safe when doing light sparring. Injury risks still exist when engaging in this form of sport, despite the fact that it is not as vigorous as genuine boxing.

While you take it easy on your partner and try to avoid contact as much as possible during light sparring, it closely mimics a genuine battle. Always wear protective equipment, such as gloves and a helmet, when performing light sparring.


  • Shoulder Tap Drill

A shoulder tap drill is an additional option. Participants tap each other on the shoulder in this activity rather than slapping each other, which is the only distinction between it and slap boxing.

This creates a more relaxed and safe environment, which might be beneficial for some people. It’s also helpful for developing reflexes and hand-eye coordination at the same time.

For those who are just beginning their boxing careers, the shoulder tap drill is a wonderful choice. 



Being physically active and having fun is made possible via slap boxing. However, it’s crucial to understand the restrictions of this exercise and try to avoid assuming that slap boxing offers the same advantages as traditional boxing.

It can be a terrific addition to your training and enjoyable activity to perform with friends. It’s crucial to see this as a supplement rather than a substitute for actual training and sparring.

If you’re searching for an enjoyable form of exercise, shoulder tap drills, mild sparring, and shadow boxing are all fantastic options.

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