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Taekwondo is a martial art that originated in South Korea during the 1940s & 1950s and is now an Olympic sport. Taekwondo has become popular globally due to its emphasis on fast and dynamic kicks, which are used in many combination techniques. These techniques help in improving speed, coordination, strength, agility, and endurance. In this article, we will discuss the different Taekwondo combination techniques, how they are executed, how they can be improved and what are the benefits of practicing these techniques.


What are Taekwondo Combination Techniques?

Taekwondo combination techniques are a series of moves put together in a sequence to create a more effective form of an attack or strike. These combinations comprise various techniques such as kicks, strikes, blocks, and footwork. Combination techniques are not just limited to offensive moves, but also include defensive moves, which can help you to counter your opponent’s attacks. Combination techniques are a crucial tool to improve your fighting skills in Taekwondo and can enhance your ability to fight in a real-life situation.


Different Types of Taekwondo Combination Techniques

There are several different types of Taekwondo combination techniques that can be used to deliver an effective attack or counter-attack. Some of the most commonly used techniques include:

a) Straight Punch – Roundhouse Kick Combination: This combination involves throwing a straight punch followed by a roundhouse kick. This is an excellent technique to use against an opponent who is close to you.

b) Axe Kick – Back Kick Combination: This combination involves an axe kick followed by a back kick. The Axe kick is a type of high kick and can be used to strike the head of the opponent while the back kick can be used to counter an opponent’s attack.

c) Front Kick – Side Kick Combination: This combination involves a front kick followed by a sidekick. The Front kick is a type of kick thrown with the ball of the foot, while the side kick is a type of kick with the heel of the foot. This combination is a great way to keep your opponent at a distance while delivering an effective strike.

d) Low Block – Back Fist Strike Combination: This combination involves a low block followed by a back fist strike. The Low block is a type of defensive technique, while the Back Fist is an offensive move. This combination can be used to counter an opponent’s attack and deliver an effective strike simultaneously.


How to Execute Taekwondo Combination Techniques?

Executing Taekwondo combination techniques can be challenging, but with practice, it can be done effectively. Here are some steps you can follow to execute these moves correctly:

a) Focus: Focus is an essential aspect of executing these moves effectively. You must be entirely focused and aware of your surroundings and your opponent’s movements.

b) Practice: Perfecting your technique requires rigorous practice and repetition. Practicing combination techniques will help develop muscle memory, which will ensure you can execute these moves more efficiently in the future.

c) Footwork: Footwork is a crucial aspect of executing combination techniques. Proper footwork can help you to maintain your balance and deliver an effective strike.

d) Speed: Combining speed with precision will help you to execute combination techniques even more effectively. Working on conditioning and building up your endurance can help you to improve your speed.


How Can You Improve Taekwondo Combination Techniques?

Improving your Taekwondo combination techniques requires consistent practice, discipline, and focus. Here are some ways you can develop these skills:

a) Practice Slowly: Start by practicing the moves slowly, and focus on perfecting your technique, footwork, and speed. Once you get comfortable with the moves, you can speed up and increase your power.

b) Develop Muscle Memory: Repeating the moves and practicing regularly helps develop muscle memory, which ultimately helps improve your technique and speed.

c) Visualize: Visualizing yourself successfully executing the moves can help you to master your technique and improve your focus.

d) Strength Training: Incorporating strength training exercises that focus on building strength, flexibility, and endurance can help you to execute your technique more effectively.


Benefits of Practicing Taekwondo Combination Techniques

Apart from improving your fighting skills in Taekwondo, here are some other benefits of practicing combination techniques:

a) Enhances Flexibility: Taekwondo combination techniques require a lot of flexibility since it involves many kicks and high kicks.

b) Builds Strength: Practicing combination techniques can help in building strength in your legs, core, and upper body.

c) Develops Balance and Coordination: Proper balance and coordination are essential in executing combination moves, and consistent practice can help enhance these skills.

d) Improves Endurance: Practicing these moves help improve your cardiovascular endurance, which makes you feel less exhausted and improves your overall stamina.



In conclusion, Taekwondo combination techniques are an essential aspect of developing your Taekwondo fighting skills. These techniques involve a series of moves that can improve your strength, agility, balance, speed, and endurance, and provide many other benefits. Regular practice, discipline, and focus will help you to improve your technique and master these complex moves. By following these steps, you can become a more skilled and confident Taekwondo fighter.

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