Orthodox Stance In Boxing: Explained

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Boxing is a popular sport that has been around for centuries. It involves two fighters who use their fists to land punches on their opponent. There are different styles of boxing, and one of the most common is the orthodox style. In this article, we will explore what the orthodox style means in boxing and how it differs from other styles.


Understanding the Orthodox Style in Boxing

The orthodox style in boxing is the most common style used by fighters. It involves the boxer standing with their left foot forward and their right foot back. The left hand is used for jabs and hooks, while the right hand is used for power punches. The orthodox stance is sometimes referred to as the “right-handed” stance.

One of the advantages of the orthodox style is that it allows the boxer to generate more power with their punches. This is because the boxer can use their entire body to throw a punch, starting with the legs and ending with the fist. The orthodox style also provides better defense, as the left hand can be used to block punches and the right hand can be used for counter-punching.


Differences between Orthodox and Southpaw Stances

The southpaw stance is the opposite of the orthodox stance. In this stance, the right foot is forward, and the left foot is back. The right hand is used for jabs and hooks, while the left hand is used for power punches. Southpaw fighters are sometimes referred to as “left-handed.”

The southpaw stance can be challenging for orthodox fighters to deal with because it is less common. It can also be challenging for southpaw fighters to deal with orthodox fighters because they are more used to fighting other southpaws. In general, the southpaw stance provides a few advantages, such as a better angle for certain punches, but it also has a few disadvantages, such as leaving the liver exposed to right-handed punches.


Famous Orthodox Boxers

There have been many famous orthodox boxers throughout history. Some of the most notable include Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Oscar De La Hoya, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. These boxers all had unique fighting styles, but they all used the orthodox stance as their base.

Muhammad Ali, for example, was known for his speed and footwork. He would often move around the ring, using his left hand to jab and his right hand for power punches. Mike Tyson, on the other hand, was known for his devastating power punches. He would often start his attacks with a left hook to the body and follow up with a right uppercut to the head.


Training for the Orthodox Style

If you are interested in learning the orthodox style, there are several things you can do to get started. First, you will need to work on your footwork. This means practicing moving around the ring while maintaining your balance and keeping your guard up.

Next, you will need to work on your punching technique. This means practicing your jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. You should also practice combinations, such as jab-cross-hook, to develop your offensive skills.

Finally, you will need to work on your defense. This means learning how to block punches and slip punches. You should also practice counter-punching, which involves throwing a punch in response to your opponent’s punch.



In conclusion, the term “orthodox” in boxing refers to a fighter who has a traditional stance with their left foot forward and their right foot back. This stance is commonly used by right-handed boxers and is considered the standard stance in the sport. Orthodox fighters use this stance to optimize their power and leverage in their punches, and to protect their body with their non-dominant hand. Understanding the term “orthodox” is important for both boxers and spectators, as it can provide insight into a fighter’s strategy and style in the ring. While the orthodox stance may be traditional, it remains a foundational aspect of boxing technique and is still widely used in the sport today.

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