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As more and more people turn to martial arts as a way to stay fit and learn self-defense, combat jiu jitsu has gained popularity among practitioners and enthusiasts alike. This hybrid form of martial art blends traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) techniques with strikes and grappling moves similar to those used in mixed martial arts (MMA) competitions. If you’re interested in learning combat jiu jitsu, here are the key things you should know.


What is combat jiu jitsu, and how does it differ from other forms of martial arts?

Combat jiu jitsu is essentially a blend of Brazilian jiu jitsu and traditional MMA moves. While BJJ emphasizes grappling and submission techniques, MMA combines grappling and striking moves. Combat jiu jitsu takes the best of both worlds, incorporating BJJ’s use of leverage and technique with the striking and takedowns of MMA. This combination makes it a highly effective form of self-defense and a unique martial art.


What are the benefits of training in combat jiu jitsu?

Training in combat jiu jitsu can provide a range of physical and mental benefits. Physically, it is a highly intense and demanding workout that engages your entire body. It can improve your strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Mentally, it can boost your confidence, discipline, focus, and resilience. Additionally, combat jiu jitsu is a great way to relieve stress and improve your overall well-being.


How do you get started with combat jiu jitsu training?

The first step towards training in combat jiu jitsu is finding a reputable gym or martial arts academy that offers classes in this style. Look for a gym that has experienced instructors and a supportive community of practitioners. Once you’ve found a gym, the next step is to sign up for classes and start attending regularly. It’s also important to invest in the right equipment, such as a gi, rash guard, and MMA gloves, to ensure your safety and comfort during training.


What techniques are used in combat jiu jitsu?

Combat jiu jitsu incorporates a range of techniques from BJJ and MMA. These include takedowns, submissions, joint locks, chokes, strikes, and ground and pound techniques. Combining these techniques gives practitioners a highly effective arsenal of moves that can be used in self-defense or competition.


What should you expect during a combat jiu jitsu class?

Combat jiu jitsu classes typically begin with a warm-up that includes stretching, calisthenics, and cardiovascular exercises. The instructor will then lead the class through a series of drills, techniques, and sparring sessions. You can expect to work with partners of different skill levels and to receive one-on-one feedback and guidance from the instructor. Safety is a top priority during class, and students are expected to wear appropriate protective gear and follow the gym’s rules and regulations.


How can you progress in combat jiu jitsu?

To progress in combat jiu jitsu, you need to train consistently, attend classes regularly, and work on improving your technique and skills. Consistent practice can help you build muscle memory and develop reflexes that will improve your performance in sparring and competition. Many gyms also offer belt promotions based on proficiency and skill level. To advance in rank, you may need to demonstrate mastery of certain techniques and attend competitions or tournaments.



In conclusion, combat jiu jitsu is a unique and effective form of martial art that combines grappling and striking techniques. Training in combat jiu jitsu can provide many physical and mental benefits and can be a great way to improve your overall fitness and well-being. To get started with combat jiu jitsu, find a reputable gym or martial arts academy that offers classes in this style and invest in the right equipment. With consistent practice and dedication, you can develop the skills and techniques necessary to progress in this exciting and challenging martial art.

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