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A Superman punch is one of the popular and thrilling techniques in kickboxing. It involves lifting up one leg and throwing a punch with the opposite arm, creating momentum and power to knock out the opponent. However, like any other technique, proper execution and practice are crucial to master the Superman punch. Therefore, this article will provide detailed steps on how to perform a Superman punch in kickboxing.


What is a Superman punch?

A Superman punch is a striking technique that involves a combination of a jump and a punch. It is a powerful and exciting move that can knock out an opponent, and it is widely used in MMA competitions like the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The movement involves jumping towards an opponent with one leg extended, propelling the body forward, and delivering a punch with the arm opposite the extended leg.

The Superman punch is an unpredictable move when used correctly, as it can catch an opponent off-balance and secure a win. It is also a visually stunning technique that attracts the crowd and earns points in competition. Therefore, mastering the execution of this technique may give a fighter an edge in a competitive fight.


Step-by-step guide on executing a Superman punch

The following steps will guide you on how to execute a perfect Superman punch in kickboxing:

Step 1: Assume the correct stance

The first step is to assume the correct stance. You need to stand with your weight evenly distributed on both legs, keeping your knees bent and your feet shoulder-width apart. Ensure that your arms are in a defensive position, as you will need them for movement and balance.

Step 2: Take a short step forward with your back leg

The second step involves stepping forward with your back leg, towards your opponent. Take a short step with your leg to provide momentum for the next step.

Step 3: Jump off your front foot

The next step is to jump off your front foot, extending the same leg forward, and raising your other leg behind you. This action will create a momentum, which will carry you forward towards your opponent.

Step 4: Throw a punch with your opposite arm

As your body is propelled forward, you will throw a punch with your opposite arm. The punch should be a straight punch aimed at your opponent’s chin or head.

Step 5: Land on your back leg

After throwing the punch, land on your back leg and keep your front leg a few inches off the ground, maintaining balance.

Step 6: Recover and prepare for the next move

After landing on your back leg, you will recover and prepare for the next move. You can either follow up with other strikes or retreat, depending on your strategy.


Common mistakes to avoid when performing a Superman punch

The following are common mistakes that most fighters make and must be avoided when performing a Superman punch in kickboxing:

1. Moving excessively – a common mistake is overextending your strike, causing you to lose balance and power.

2. Failing to step forward with the back leg – failure to step forward with your back leg can cause the punch to lose power.

3. Incorrect timing – throwing the punch too early or too late can cost you the opportunity to land it and even cause you to lose balance.

4. Losing sight of your opponent – taking your eyes off your opponent hinders your ability to predict their next move and react accordingly.

5. Failing to maintain balance – landing on one leg or losing your balance after the punch can leave you vulnerable to counterattacks.

6. Choosing the wrong target – aiming for the wrong target, such as the chest or abdomen, can result in a weak punch and loss of balance.


What muscles are used to perform a Superman punch?

The Superman punch involves the use of several muscles in the body, including the following:

1. Leg muscles – The anterior muscles in the thigh and calf muscles play a significant role in creating explosive power and propelling the body forward.

2. Core muscles – The muscles in the stomach and lower back help control the body’s balance and stability during the movement.

3. Arm muscles – The arm muscles, including the biceps, triceps, shoulder, and chest muscles, provide the power and speed to deliver the punch effectively.


What are the benefits of performing a Superman punch?

The following are some of the benefits that come with performing a Superman punch:

1. Provides unpredictability – The Superman punch is a move that catches opponents off guard and can provide an element of surprise.

2. Creates visual appeal – The move is visually impressive and can attract the crowd and judges, leading to higher scores in competition.

3. Enables a faster entry – While performing a Superman punch, your body gains forward momentum, enabling you to quickly enter the striking range.

4. Can secure a knockout – When executed correctly, the Superman punch can cause significant damage to your opponent, leading to knockouts.

5. Enhances footwork – The execution of the movement can improve your footwork, movement, and agility.


How to train for a Superman punch

Training for a Superman punch involves the following:

1. Work on leg strength – Performing exercises like squats, lunges, and calf raises can help strengthen your leg muscles for better performance.

2. Practice jumping – Jumping exercises like box jumps and plyometrics can improve your jumping ability and help you gain explosive power.

3. Focus on core strength – Exercises that target the core, such as planks and crunches, can improve your balance and stability.

4. Practice shadow boxing – Practicing your movement, timing, and distance can help you identify and correct any mistakes and hone your technique continually.

5. Spar with others – Spar with a partner to simulate a real fighting environment and allow you to get feedback from your coach or training partner.



The Superman punch is an exciting and visually stunning technique that can help fighters gain an edge in a competitive fight. Its execution requires proper training, practice, and mastery of the technique’s fundamental principles. So, if you are looking to step up your game in kickboxing, mastering the Superman punch can be a game-changer.

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