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Judo push ups are a popular bodyweight exercise that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. This is a fantastic exercise that works on your upper body strength, core stability, and shoulder mobility. The Judo push-up is a dynamic movement that was inspired by martial arts, and It is a powerful exercise that you can do from the comfort of your own home without any equipment.

Judo push-ups are a great exercise that will help you to build strength, muscle, and agility. It is similar to a traditional push-up but involves a greater range of motion, requiring strength and stability in your upper body and core muscles. As it combines the strength-building elements of push-ups with the agility and mobility required in martial arts, the Judo push-up is considered as one of the best exercises that you can do for your body. In this article, we will dive deep into the world of Judo push-ups and how to get the most out of this workout.


What are Judo push-ups?

Judo push-ups also called the dive-bomber push-ups, are an excellent full-body workout that targets your chest, shoulders, triceps, and core muscles. It is a compound exercise that is much more challenging than traditional push-ups. Instead of maintaining a straight back and performing a push-up motion, Judo push-ups require you to move your body forward and down in a circular motion that will engage your chest, shoulders, and triceps muscles differently.


Benefits of Judo Push-ups

The benefits of Judo push-ups are numerous. Apart from being a full-body workout that puts every muscle to use, here are some of the advantages.

1. Improved upper body strength – The Judo push-up is an effective exercise for building upper body strength as it targets your chest, shoulders, and triceps muscles. The increased strength transfer to other exercises that you do regularly, such as bench presses, pull-ups, and overhead presses.

2. Increased core strength – Judo push-ups engage your core muscles, including your abs, obliques, and spinal erectors, giving you a stronger and more stable core.

3. Better power and mobility – Since Judo push-ups require your entire body to work together in a coordinated motion, this movement increases your agility and mobility, making you faster, stronger, and more flexible.

4. Develops shoulder Stability- Judo push-ups have a significant impact on your shoulder stability as it takes the shoulder joint through a more significant range of movement than traditional push-ups. It helps to promote healthy shoulder function and avoid shoulder injuries.


How to perform Judo push-ups

Performing the Judo Push-up requires proper form and technique. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it correctly.

1. Start in a plank position – Begin in the standard push-up position, with your feet hip-width apart, wrists under your shoulders, and your body in a straight line.

2. Move your shoulders forward – Slowly move your shoulders down and forward towards the ground, keeping your elbows straight, and your core engaged.

3. Lower your body – Continue lowering your body until your chest almost touches the ground. Keep your elbows close to your sides.

4. Move your shoulders back – Move your shoulders back and up while pushing up with your hands. Your chest should then lift off the ground, and your arms should straighten out.

5. Reverse motion – Reverse the motion by lowering yourself back down and repeat the process until you complete your desired sets.


Variations of Judo Push-ups

Here are some variations of Judo push-ups you can add to your workouts to increase the challenge level or target different muscle groups.

1. Wide-arm Judo push-ups – This variation involves placing your hands wider than shoulder-width apart, which puts more emphasis on your chest muscles.

2. Clap Judo push-ups – Clap Judo push-ups require you to push yourself up explosively and clap your hands before quickly returning to the starting position.

3. T- Push-ups – This exercise involves adding a rotational component, where you lift one hand up off the ground and sweep it towards the ceiling to form a T-shape with your arms.

4. Single-Leg Judo push-up – This variation involves lifting one leg off the ground, which increases the challenge for your core and lower body muscles.

5. Plyometric Judo push-ups – Perform a Judo push-up, but once your arms are fully extended, push off the ground explosively enough to lift your hands off the floor.


Key considerations when doing Judo Push-ups

To get the most out of Judo Push-ups, here are some crucial factors to keep in mind.

1. Proper form – Always ensure that your form is correct to prevent injuries. Keep your elbows close to your body with your core tight.

2. Start with the basics – If it’s your first time doing Judo push-ups, start with the most straightforward variations and progress to advanced levels at a comfortable pace.

3. Frequency – Incorporate Judo push-ups into your regular workout routine gradually.

4. Breathing – Remember to breathe in as you lower your body, and breathe out as you push up to maintain proper form and prevent blackouts.

5. Alternate your sets – Combine Judo push-ups with other exercises during your workout.



Judo push-ups are an excellent full-body workout that challenges your upper-body strength, core stability, and shoulder mobility. It is a powerful exercise that you can do from the comfort of your own home without any equipment. When done correctly, Judo push-ups will strengthen your muscles, improve your balance and coordination, and increase your agility and mobility. With the proper technique, variations, and key considerations, you can add this workout to your exercise regimen to achieve optimal results.

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